7 thoughts on “179 The New Farmers

  1. Am loving the details of daily life. Not bored by sheep or cloth. Keep it up. Tell us about food and drink. Tell us about life in a monastery. This is just as good as the “big juicy bits” of history.

  2. This is my second listen to the 178 to 182 digression. It is so good! I keep sending screenshots of where I am to my mom and telling her to listen so we can compare reactions. Thanks for covering all aspects with such thoroughness. Can’t tell one kind of story of one without telling the other.

    1. I am so impressed at your thoroughness! It’s been fun seeing your comments come through – you’ve moved through the episodes at quite a pace.

  3. Ah love the sheep pic here. And the nice D&D reference in this episode. I’ve been with you for about a year and a half now but have only made it this far. So I’m still two years behind you in real time. But I love your podcast, and your history humor. I think I caught a Toy Story reference during the War of the Roses and laughed out loud on my train. The morning commuters were shocked at my lack of decorum. Ah well, many thanks for the great ride thus far. And for your exhausted use of that fabulous word: “poo”.

    1. Thank you Holly. Was that Woody’s line about being the perfect time to panic? I always loved that line. By episode 240, though, I decided I’d over used the word poo, delightful though it is, without a shadow!

      1. First time commenter:
        I haven‘t caught up yet, but if „poo“ is now officially out, I vote repeats of my new favorite, „toastwards“!
        Thanks, David, for all the stories and humour – I’ll probably have to go for repeats once I am down to the one episode per week, I am so thoroughly hooked…
        (As an aside, I applaud the notion of “why use one word where 15 will do”, which probably means we are on a similar diagnosis here…)

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