261a Professor MacCulloch talks Cromwell

Diarmaid MacCulloch brings wonderful scholarship, wit and humanity with a delightfully fresh biography of Thomas Cromwell, shot through with new insights. And I got to meet him! Here is what we talked about.

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Elizabeth Seymour

Eliabeth SeymourProfessor MacCulloch spoke of his son Gregory Cromwell and his wife, Elizabeth Seymour, Here is Elizabeth, and she has a good wikipedia entry.








Diarmaid also kindly made some recommendations. Here are the books he spoke of:

Ian Kershaw ‘Hitler’

Tony Judt ‘Postwar’

And here the churches:

St Mary’s Houghton on the Hill

St Mary’s Wetherden


6 thoughts on “261a Professor MacCulloch talks Cromwell

  1. Does this mean he basically agrees with those of us who blamed Cromwell for Anne Boleyn’s death? I feel slightly as if the teacher has just agreed with the thesis of my essay.

  2. I really enjoyed the interview. It was interesting to hear you both discuss Cromwell and banter about the events in his life. I listened then bought the book, it will be here next week so looking forward to reading it. Thanks as always for all you do.

  3. wow, yes I got it yesterday and really looking forward to reading it. almost 600 pages, maps!!!!! it looks like a detailed book. my christmas present to myself…

    1. A worthy present. Yes, it’s something of a whopper – though you can take off quite a lot for notes and index. I hope you enjoy it. I shall feel guilty if you do not!

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