HiT Lady Jane

Lady Jane was the first leading role for a very young Helena Bonham Carter, and a film debut for the renowned theatre director Trevor Nunn. Plus its an amazing story. So, surely nothing could go wrong?


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7 thoughts on “HiT Lady Jane

  1. This doesn’t seem to work for me. Nothing happens when I hit play and the “Download” leads to an error message. I’ve tried several times- anyone else have this problem? The other podcasts in the series are working.

  2. Oh boy, comments. I didn’t realize you were doing movie review, so yay for that.

    I first saw this film shortly after my first child was born. I was 21 and filled with post-baby-birthing ick and therefore, I LOVED this film. Like, pink puffy heart googly eyes loved it. Cried like the proverbial baby at the end. Howevah. I also knew a lot about Lady Jane Grey (she’s been an obsession of mine since spending a year in England as an impressionable 13 year-old) so I knew most of it wasn’t historically accurate. Somehow I was able to separate the mushy love story from the history and just enjoy the film. That said, I haven’t re-watched it since then, so maybe it hasn’t held up as well. I shall give it a watch and see how I feel about it now, lo these many, many years later.

    1. Hi Julie. I must admit that all I knew about Lady Jane when it came out was the sort of Victorian story my mother had told me. It was a bit slushy for me I have to say. Wolf who had not seen it, was not impressed it must be said!

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