Medieval Castles

The Medieval Castle Mention the Middle Ages and most people immediately visualize a great stone castle, surrounded by a sturdy moat, and protected by Knights on horseback and legions ofRead More

Medieval Prices and Wages

Medieval prices and wages are basically impossible to know. I can hear you fighting against this as a write but there are so many vagaries. Just for example – board and lodging wouldRead More

Glossary of Medieval terms

This is my best effort; but there are far better ones available done by folk who find more time that  – there’s one at NetSerf you can find by followingRead More

Feast Days in Medieval England

Jennifer asked a question about Feast days… so here is a list of the main ones in Medieval England, for the year 1200 – since as Les noted, Easter floats.Read More

Transcript for Marshal 26

Well actually, the victory at Lincoln was not, in fact, to win the war. It was very close, but there was no cigar. It had however, put Marshal into theRead More

Transcript for Marshal 25

While everyone one pondered who should be the young king’s protector, they found out that John had already thought all about that, and covered it in his will. There wasRead More

Transcript for Beaufort 1

Well here we ar3e then, the trail not of the lonesome pine, but of a new character in medieval English history – Margaret Beaufort. By and large, Margaret has playedRead More

Transcript for HoS Episode 45

So ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived at one of THE stories of Scottish History, nay British History, nay European history. The story of Mary Queen of Scots, a storyRead More

Transcript for Marshal 23

When John had demanded another Marshal son as a hostage, William and Isabel had dithered. They’d dithered a significant dither but in the end decided that the risks dictated thatRead More

Transcript for Marshal 20

Honestly, I was tempted to tell the story of Richard and Mercardier in front of the castle of Chalus one more time, just so that I could re-use the ‘shallRead More

Transcript for HoS 38

Last time I left you in 1513, bereft, bereft of the mighty and glorious James IV, dead in the Northumbrian mud, alongside a significant number of his political elite. InRead More

Transcript for Marshal 16

But, just as every slivery lining has its cloud, so the reverse is true. The scales were lifted from Young Henry’s eyes. ‘Tell me what to do!’’ he cried. EnterRead More

Transcript for Marshal 14

‘He’s faultless…I don’t know how or where he learned to fight like this, but he knows what he’s about’ So howled the hapless tourneyers at the tournament at Pleurs asRead More

281 Winners and Losers

  The population growth and inflation of the 16th century had different impacts depending on your situation. And the difference was land. Plus we talk about the regions and landscapes ofRead More

Transcript for Sh 31d

Before I started talking about inland farming, prompted by the arrival of residential lords in the form of monasteries and minsters, we’d been talking about early settlements and farms. TheseRead More

Transcript for Shedcast 31c

Hello everyone, and welcome to Shedcast 31c, being the third in the series Life and Landscape in Anglo Saxon England. This week there’s quite a lot of life, not veryRead More

Transcript for Eleanor 23

The story of Richard and the siege of Chalus has always confused us. I mean no disrespect to Chalus when I say that it is not, strategically speaking, the pivotRead More

Transcript for Eleanor 21

The council of Nonancourt in 1190 was an assembly of the most important and influential people in Richard’s realm, and their attitude and actions would be utterly critical if RichardRead More

Transcript for HoS 37

The point of a Renaissance Prince was to astound the world with their magnificence, erudition and glory, bringing lustre to themselves, their dynasty and to their people. The world lookedRead More

Transcript for Eleanor 20

In 1188, Henry and Philip sat at the Elm tree at Gisors and carried away by mutual enthusiasm, both declared that they would go on Crusade to free Jerusalem onceRead More

Transcript for Eleanor 19

The latest scheme to provide for the plantagenet children was an obsession. I must confess that it is a little difficult to understand why is was quite such a problem;Read More

Transcript for Eleanor 17

Despite this lack of guntlement, the assembly at Montferrat gathered by Henry was truly magnificent; it included king Alfonso II of Aragorn, and Count Raymond of Toulouse, as well asRead More

Transcript for HoS 34

Writing a couple of decades after King James IV’s death, David Lindsay reflected the opinions of the majority of his contemporaries in his admiration of James as a monarch who had, ‘the glory of all princely governing’ he enthused. ARead More

Transcript for Eleanor 15

We are in the dead of winter, 29th December 1170, and we are in Canterbury Cathedral. It’s late afternoon, and there is the sound of the chanting of monks asRead More

Transcript for Marshal 7

Before he got a chance to prove himself though, William would have heard, in 1165, of the death of his father John; it’s odd that the Histoire makes no mentionRead More

Transcript for Marshal 6

The Histoire tells us nothing about the daily life at Tancarville’s court; I suppose the poet might have wondered why you’d talk about something so commonplace. None the less weRead More

Transcript for Eleanor 12

Last time, a few weeks ago now I ended by mentioning that Eleanor was thinking of her family’s old rights in Toulouse. Shall we just remind ourselves of the basisRead More

Transcript for HoS33

Albany’s return and the rebellion of 1482 partly demonstrated just how unpopular James III was personally, how unpopular was his vindictive and dismissive treatment of the nobility and his contemptRead More

Transcript for Eleanor 11

The question about Eleanor’s role in England is a vexed one – apart from the child production one obviously, the evidence of which was there for all to see. It’sRead More