1.2 Adventus Saxonum

AS MigrationsThe traditional story of the arrival of the Anglo Saxons is one of death and destruction, and the catastrophic and complete replacement of a British population by a new Germanic race within a generation. But there are other theories too – much more peaceful, much more gradual.

1.2 Adventus Saxonum



5 thoughts on “1.2 Adventus Saxonum

  1. I still think it’s remarkable that scholars don’t relate the Danelaw to the original settlings of the Angles. I suspect the Danelaw boundaries weren’t by chance, but the result of continued contact and ties over hundreds of years.

  2. Really enjoying your podcasts & so glad that you are re-visiting the Anglo-Saxons. I’m looking forward to hearing more.
    Have you read anything by Stephen Pollington? I have his book “The English Warrior From Earliest Times Till 1066”, lots of great research in there, a very thorough survey of the subject. It has some useful insights into the mindset of AS culture, such as the relationships/obligations between kings and their people.

  3. This episode was recorded a while back but I think that overall it has aged extremely well in light of recent research such as archaeogenetic studies.

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