2 The Rise of Mercia

The law codes of InePretty much a century in just one, fun-filled episode – 650 ish to 750 is. It’s Mercia’s turn – an increasingly integrated Mercia, growing in power. With yer Wulfhere’s and Æthelbalds, Mercia’s hegemony was held back only by Ine of Wessex and Wihtred of Kent.





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One thought on “2 The Rise of Mercia

  1. Many thanks for this excellent podcast which in my opinion maintains a good balance between historical detail and entertainment. If only the urge to deliver the occasional pinch towards the Norman/French could be suppressed. Being of Franco-Scandinavian origin, the pain is doubled. Until then I fart in your general direction, kind sir. 😉
    /A listener from the country of the bravest of the Gauls (Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae)
    (Obviously the door is now open to retaliate based on the significance of “bravest of the Gauls”…)

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