16 Edmund Ironside and Cnut

In 1012, Aethelred looked down and out. But Svein died, and Edmund Ironside appeared on the scene. Suddenly, Aethelred was a real king and all action, and Cnut was forced to flee. But he came back, and 1016 saw one of the great confrontations of English History, and a great ‘what-might-have-been’ man in Edmund Ironside, before he got an arrow up his backside.

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There are some maps and stuff you need too. Here’s a map of the battles of Edmund Ironside in 1016. And below is a nice picture of Penselwood, a small place in England that has a big place in Anglo Saxon History.

Edmund and Cnut's Battles 1016 Penselwood




8 thoughts on “16 Edmund Ironside and Cnut

  1. Hi David
    I’ve just recently found your wonderful podcast and am bingeing it with much enjoyment and find it quite edifying and entertaining. As a Yank though I miss the meaning of a few asides but I think I get the jist of them with context, etc. But here (#16) you say Edmund in reaccepting Edric Streona may have been just a “Wally”. Please — what the devil is a wally? Hopefully I’ll be all caught up by episode 300 and I’ll be up on wallies and googlies and who knows what else. Cheers and thank you for all the excellent work.

    1. Hi Rich…and did you manage googlie? If so, I am impressed. I’m surprised by Wally – I though that was an international word, I though that it was implied in National Lampoons Vacation or whatever the film is, when Chevy Chase takes his family to Wally World, but I am wrong! Wally is a mild term of abuse – a bot of a fool; generally it’s quite endearing. I think I was aiming at understatement, since Edric Streona was quite clearly a hideous traitor.
      Than you for listening Rich, and thanks for getting in touch, it’s a joy to hear from you.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me. You’re probably correct about it being internationally understood. I’m just not much of a Chevy fan and have never seen those movies (beyond an odd clip here and there). Thanks again.
    PS I’m not saying I understand cricket but I know what a googlie is… theoretically speaking.

    1. My knowledge of a googlie is also sadly theoretical – certainly I could neither bowl nor play one. And even Chevy’s glory days are a long time ago now, are they not…you my have made the right decision!

  3. Hi David,

    These podcasts are truly fantastic and I’ve recently restarted listening to the older episodes again to brush up on the Anglo-Saxons (got to make sure I’m one step ahead of my year 11’s). I wondered if you have any transcripts available for all of your episodes? I know some of the earlier episodes had a transcript available on the website but I’ve been unable to locate one for any others. It would really help with spellings of tricky names and also useful if I’ve been listening in the car so that I can read back over something I might have misheard whilst driving. Thanks again for the terrific work you do! Ben

    1. Hi Ben, and thanks, you are very kind. On transcripts, I have the all; I didn’t originally upload them to the website bt they are all available. If you let me know which ones you are interested in, will load them up for you.

      1. That would be great thanks! I’m currently up to episode 17 ‘Cnut the Conqueror’ so I’d be grateful for any transcripts you’re able to upload from that episode onwards! Many thanks in advance

        1. Hi Ben – I’ve done a few – 18-25. It’s actually a deeply dull and time consuming process, so not sure how many more I could bear! Maybe give me a shout if you come across anything on which you are unclear, and we’ll do in on a case by case basis

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