36 Magnates and Churchmen

After joining Henry II's household, William's rise was steady – but with the arrival of Richard the Lion Heart it really took off. By the time of his death he was one of the most powerful men of the realm. We also look at the church – the village priest, monasteries, and what went on under a monk's habit.

36 Magnates and Churchmen rm



6 thoughts on “36 Magnates and Churchmen

  1. Interesting podcast.
    What was that word for the wife of the priest? Ficaria? Sounds like a fun word to pull out from time to time (especially since I work in a church).

  2. Hi,
    We have found your marvelous podcast and added it to our home school curriculum, along with the History of Anglo Saxon England. Marvelous stuff.
    BUT — I get to this episode and suddenly it won’t work on my iPhone nor on my computer. When I try to play the podcast from this website it starts, then crashes just when I get to the Christmas party. About the next 40-odd podcasts are similarly not working.
    Help, I need my English History.
    Your devoted fan,

  3. Hi again –
    Don’t know whether you did something or the Internet smiled upon me, but the podcasts are working again.
    Thank you

  4. Hi David, Episode 36 isn’t appearing in the iTunes store. Just me?
    Thanks so much for the podcast. I’m only on Episode 24, but enjoying having you in my ear for my daily bike ride. Cheers!

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