61a Bannockburn by Zack Twamley

Bannockburn was a landmark defeat for the English, which signalled a long term change to the strategy Edward I had started. Zack talks about the events that led up to the battle, how the battle itself unfolded, and how England reacted to defeat. 

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10 thoughts on “61a Bannockburn by Zack Twamley

  1. Hey guys, Zack here. Just a small correction. If you could go to this address: http://whendiplomacyfails.libsyn.com rather than the wrong one I gave to David (unless you want to see my HTML code!). Thanks for the listen and let me know what you thought! Search me on iTunes: ‘When Diplomacy Fails’ and like the Facebook page under the same name. Cheers!

  2. Hello Brian. Well, it’s a pleasure. Not only do I get a great podcast to keep people interested, I also get a week off and can wander around pompously talking about a community of podcasters…can’t lose!

  3. I would also like to thank you David for letting Zack on your podcast.
    Zack, nice work on the episode, I have now signed up!
    Keep up the good work, and that goes to the both of you!
    Best Wishes from Sweden 🙂

  4. Good work Zack. Battlefield history has never been my thing, so I enjoyed the background and before and after sections most. The half hour seemed to zip by, so you must be getting something right.
    I’m afraid I can’t “like” you on Facebook as I refuse to sign-up with them. I have, however, added your site to Stumble Upon.
    If you are thinking of doing an episode on Napoleon versus Russia, you might like to watch/listen to this brilliant LSE lecture podcast by Professor Dominic Lieven

  5. Oooh that looks interesting Dave thanks!
    Personally I prefer the build up to war as well, but I understand people may be a bit miffed if I skip the battle itself. I’m sure I will tackle the Napoleonic Wars in the future, but it’ll likely be a two-parter or even a three-parter when I do.
    On a side note, if you like Napoleonic History you should check out the Napoleonic Podcast, search it on iTunes. It’s done in a discussion format but it’s very interesting. A word of warning though, they can be overly pro-Napoleon at times, other than that though it’s great!
    Look at me , advertising another podcast on here, the shame of it!
    Thanks again dave!

  6. Zack, what a great episode! During the first minute I was thinking “how great! You’ve got a Scot to do the podcast on Bannockburn! Then I thought, oh wait that’s an Irish accent! Either way, thanks for the insight into such an important battle. I remember thinking after watching Braveheart, the same question – why didn’t they make this movie about Robert the Bruce? It would have been more interesting. Ah well. David, great choice for a guest host!

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