80 In which we Dawdle

When Edward I arrived back in 1289 from Gascony, he was in many ways at the height of his awesomeness. A chivalric monarch, a leading statesman in Christendom, and at least partly responsible for legal reforms, that will cause a historian to call him 'the English Justinian'. But he also had problems. He was strapped for cash. There was a background of discontent against the firmness of Edward's rule. But Edward was a clever politician as well as a chivalric monarch, and knew how to negotiate his way back to popularity – and it would not be good news for England's Jewish community.


80 In which we dawdle


6 thoughts on “80 In which we Dawdle

  1. Dawdling again, eh? Brilliant! Let’s see… we have talented thespians! High drama! And wonderful adjectives like “stonking”, which don’t seem to exist on this side of the pond, way out in the Colon- uh- States.

  2. I laughed out loud more than once during this episode. Other runners probably thought I was a bit crazy. Small price to pay for your lovely podcast.

    1. Thanks! So long ago, I can’t remember what gags might have occasioned it. Hope the run went well anyway…

  3. David I loved hearing the kids dramatizations. It spiced up the podcast. (Not to say that you are not interesting to listen to.) It reminded me of a time when I had my 10 year old son join me for a couple of presentations I made. I used to give a presentation or two at our local American Civil War Round Table meetings.

    1. Hi Wayne, and thanks – I will pass o your compliments! I’m most impressed with your son; I would have been incapable of making any such presentation at the age of 10. Maybe your lad can take over from my lot, now that they are physically a bit less available…

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