89 The Great Famine

HorsemenFor a long time we have been having a ball, economy wise – the medieval warm period, towns springing up all over the place, prices gently rising, population growing. So the Great Famine of 1315-1317 came as a terrible shock. Over 500-750,000 people died, as years of bad weather destroyed the feeling of economic well being. The question is whether or not this was a blip or part of a wider trend?

89 The Fall of Gaveston and the Great Famine


3 thoughts on “89 The Great Famine

  1. No comments here? Hm. I thought it was an interesting episode.
    Hoarse monks and pimple metaphors added much-needed levity to otherwise heavy topics like the Black Death and famine. Wit and wisdom- a nice mix.

  2. It was indeed a great episode… the end of Gaveston seemed a long time coming – such a brutal time. This is my third trek through HOE… learn something new every time.

    1. Third! Golly, impressed! Yes, poor Gaveston. I suspect he lacked social radar and a spot of empathy

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