90 How to hold a parliament

ParliamentThe modus tenendi parliamentum is a very unusual document from around this time. It describes how parliaments should be held, but also includes a number of very interesting claims about the primacy of the commons. It's interesting for the procedures and atmosphere around parliaments – as long as we take it with a pinch of salt. Also this week we hear and the political war with Lancaster, the physical war with the Scots  and defeat at Bannockburn.


90 How to hold a parliament

Bannockburn, 1314

Edward's defeat at the hands of the Scots undid all the good work he'd achieved since the death of Gaveston. But if you want to hear about the battle itself, you aren't going to hear about it from me, no more than I'd do a blog on David Sole and his 5 Nations win against England all those years ago.

But I know a man who will – so go and visit Zack Twambley's When Diplomacy Fails podcast. There are lots of other goodies there as well.


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