93 The Wages of Tyranny

With the fall of Lancaster, the Despencers were off the leash, and able to vent the full force of their avarice on England. Their power and Edward's inability to control them even came between the king and Isabella – so that after a diplomatic mission to France Isabella refused to return. And then in 1326, she landed in England with 1,500 men and her rebel lover, Roger Mortimer. 

93 The Wages of Tyranny



Execution of Hugh DespencerEdward and Hugh Despencer fled to despencer's power base, the Welsh marches. But even there, they could find no support.  they were eventually captured trying to get back to Despencers powerful fortress at Caerphilly. Despencer was given the same treatment Edward had given Lancaster – refused the chance to speak in his defence, and hanged, drawn and quartered. 




3 thoughts on “93 The Wages of Tyranny

  1. Hi, Have any modern forensic psychologists taken a look at Edward II? It seems to me that the poor guy was always trying to please his father. When Edward 1 died he just latched on to other father figures. It sounds as though he never felt secure enough in himself to take the lead or the responsibility. Pity I’m not a psychologist, I could have a field day with him.
    By the way, am I right in thinking that the modern Spencer (and also Churchill) family descend from the despencers? If so, they came out right in the end; any family that can produce Winston Churchill and Princess Di can’t be all that bad. Oh! and don’t forget Frank Spencer.

  2. By the way, I think the artist of the above picture was a little anatomically genereous towards Hugh Despenser the Younger. Maybe the paint ran.

  3. Hi Les – yes, I think you are right – the Spencers were a branch of the Despencer family. Every family’s got some good genes somewhere! I have to say that I think you are right, the artist thought he had to give the guy something to celebrate! Made me laugh too…

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