126 An Uneasy Calm

Between the Appellants crisis of 1388 and 1397, Richard ruled with increasingly confidence. He was hardly the most impressive English king but he appeared to have cast off the wildness of his early days, and accepted the need to rule together with his leading magnates, and distribute patronage carefully. This week, we look at those years. 

126 An Uneasy Calm

The Ballad of Chevy Chase

Battle of OtterburnHere it is as a pdf…

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One thought on “126 An Uneasy Calm

  1. Alas, I know all too well what you mean about “looking down as a sprightly 18-year-old and looking up as an overweight, greying 50-year-old bloke sat in a shed”.
    Mind you, I’ve got a year to go before reaching that fifty milestone, but I’ve got the overweight thing down pat. I’ve got a shed in the backyard, too, but it’s entirely too full of clutter for anyone but a cat to sit in, and has not so far been put to good creative use as yours has.

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