133 The History of Europe Part VII

This week we finish off our survey of Europe, bringing us up to date with Byzantium, and the threat from the East. But we’ll also bring you up to date with Scandinanvia, Russia and France.

133 The History of Europe Part VII


The Rise of the Ottoman Empire

Rise of the Ottoman







2 thoughts on “133 The History of Europe Part VII

  1. I’m very late to the party here as I’m just now at this episode.

    I came here for the narrative history, but these sideshow episodes are so well done. I seriously love the short & sweet histories of whole nations, and the episodes on various bits about life, dress, economy, etc.

    The biggest compliment I can give is that I see you as the second coming of James Burke, my very favorite media presenter of all time.

    1. Thanks Nathan, that’s lovely of you. But James Burke…there’s a blast from the past! We loved James Burke too. I couldn’t possibly measure up to him, but it’s a lovely compliment.
      I love researching the European episodes too; so important to put everything in context.
      Hope you keep enjoying the podcast, and thanks for listening

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