136 Glyn Dwr Ascendant

Owain Glyn DwrIn 1402 and 1403 Glyn Dwr's power and influence grew and he scored some dramatic successes that made the world look up and take notice. As Glyn Dwr looked for foreign allies, Henry was forced to look north, and look closely at the loyalty of those around this.

136 Glyn Dwr Ascendant


And here's a map of wales to help you along…


Wales and the Marches

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  1. In a number of episodes about the 13th & 14th centuries (including this one) you have used a word I don’t understand, much less have the brains to spell. You may have explained it years ago in prior episodes, but I must have been distracted. It has to do with going out on raids or recon or the like — in this episode John Carlton uses it in his letter to Prince of Wales– something like “CHIVAUSSAY”??? I know what chivalry is, but what is this? And how is it spelt and what is its origin? Love the podcast and have been binging on it for months.

    1. Hi Lois – and actually it comes up a few times, I must have failed to explain it very well! The word is Chevaucee, from the French for horse. literally a riding out. Which sounds lovely, but it’s not!” the chevaucee was a military tactic to despoil the economic wealth of a ruler, to persuade it’s people that they should look for a new ruler to protect them.

      1. Thanks so much for the quick response. I DO LOVE THE PODCAST–great history and tons of fun to listen to.

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