145 The Agincourt Campaign Part II

HarfleurHenry probably now intended to be King of France or Duke of Normandy as a minimum. So what he planned was a war of conquest, not just the traditional chevaucee. It's likely that he planned to start with Harfleur, take it quickly and then advance to the capital of Normandy – Rouen – before winter. But Jean d'Estouteville, captain of Harfleur, had other ideas. 


145 The Agincourt Campaign Part II


The Agincourt Campaign, 1415

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6 thoughts on “145 The Agincourt Campaign Part II

  1. In some systems 145 is named “The Agincourt Campaign Part III” Clearly not as intended. Sorry to bother you.

  2. Andy, I know, I know (hangs head in shame)….it’s just that I’m not a designery person so I think it looks GREAT!!
    Paul, thanks for this. I think I have found the problem…hopefully it’ll solve itself in a while…

  3. I apologize in advance for nitpickery. And for being Spanish, though we get ours in about a century and a half. As for famed French knight Jean Le Maingre “Boucicaut”, since the first C is followed by an I, it (I believe) makes the C soft. So I wonder if it isn’t supposed to be pronounced boo-SEE-co. In Spanish, the defaultly-stressed syllable is the penultimate, but I’m not sure how French works (neither are the French, most likely, but that’s a separate issue).

  4. What’s the deal with quoting the customs of Bronze Age desert dwellers?
    While the “rules” of sieges in the late medieval werent set in stone, they certainly weren’t following the even more barbaric custom set out thousands of years before in Deuteronomy (city open to sack if it loses, yes, but no binding universal sex slavery for the women, for example).
    It’s just a glaring non sequitur in an otherwise great episode.

  5. Two jolly interesting comments! I am gutted to be pronouncing Bouccicaut wrongly. Gutted. especially since he’s about to be banged up for the rest of his life, so I am pretty much too late!!
    Joe, the point about Deuteronomy is that this is what medieval societies accepted as the common authority for the rules around sieges – I make no comment about whether it was sensible or not for them to be following Bronze age rules, since that would be anachronistic. I also agree that they were far from slavish about their implementation.

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