150a Grace Dieu and Henry Vth’s Proto-Royal Navy by Brandon Huebner

Henry Vth was the first monarch since Richard the Lion Heart to pay much attention to the English fleet. The experience of putting maybe as many as 1,500 ships onto the water to transport his army of 1415 to France made him realise that he needed a new solution.

Grace Dieu and Henry V’s Proto-Royal Navy

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This is an artist’s rendition of what Grace Dieu may have looked like before her maiden (and only) voyage.


This drawing shows the Grace Dieu’s high forecastle

Location of the Hamble Hamble_River_Post

On the left, the map shows the location of Hamble and Bursledon in relation to Southampton. On the right, the spot where the remains of the Grace Dieu are located in the River Hamble.



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