151 The Bridge at Montereau

The Bridge at MontereauIn 1420, Henry faced an uphill battle again; his negotiations had failed with both Dauphinists and Burgundians, and instead they'd patched it up. So he faced an alliance – Dauphinist, Armagnac, Orleanist, Burgundian – Scot – against the English. And then came a meeting on a bridge that changed everything. 

151 The Bridge at Montereau

For those of you who enjoyed Kevin Stroud's History of English segment, here's a link to his website and his estimable podcast – The History of English

By the way…for some reason, Kevin's bit only comes out of one channel. Sorry about that, when I find a moment I'll put it right. For the moment, make sure you've got two speakers working.

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  1. What History of English episode are you referring to? Can’t find it on your blog. Already love Kevin’s great podcast.

  2. ach…sorry I was the confused one, I hadn’t listened to the current podcast yet when I asked, I thought you were referring to some other guest episode, now that I have listened I understand you were referring to a brief segment within the current episode which was a great idea by the way. I love both your podcasts. Thanks!

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