7 thoughts on “153a Wycliffe, Hus and Bohemia

  1. Greetings…totally off topic here so apologies up front. I have just recently discovered your podcast. I am listening to episode 25. I do this on my commute. Responding to a couple of comments/emails you received then. First, I quite like listening to the birds in the background. Second, I cant imagine a more peaceful place for your work than a shed in the garden.
    All that said then, I love your show. Great content and done with just enough tongue in cheek. I cant wait for each next episode.
    Keep it up.

  2. Only just found your podcast and am working my way through the early ones but so far so good.
    I’m hoping you keep up the high standards with the right amount of humor, detail and opinion.

  3. I’m afraid this was a very weak guest episode. It’s rather disorganized. I found it difficult to listen to, even in small chunks. :/

    1. I second this. It seemed about all over the place and made too many references to other sites and resources,; making it sound like an advertorial.

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