158 Catastrophe at Arras

Henry VI enthronedIn December 1431, Henry VIth became the only king of England crowned king of France in France. Which sounds great. But in fact it was a sign of English weakness than English strength. And at Arras things got substantially worse.


Plus, Kevin is telling us about the word 'Private' today. Kevin's quite superb podcast, the History of English, can be found by following this link – TAKE ME to the History of English WITHOUT let or hindrance








158 Catastrophe at Arras


3 thoughts on “158 Catastrophe at Arras

  1. Thank you, David Crowther, for continuing to educate and entertain us.
    Regarding the Weekly Word, I was a surprised that Kevin didn’t mention asunder, as in, “torn asunder.” Is that not related to sundry?

  2. Kevin Stroud here – Yes, ‘asunder’ is derived from the same root as ‘sundry.’ Good pull. I’ll have to keep that one in mind for a future episode of the History of English Podcast.

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