163 The Cousins’ War

The Red and White RosesHow did previous generations view the Wars of the Roses? What are the interpretations of the Wars of the Roses now? This, and an introduction to some key families, are what this week is all about.

163 The Cousins' War


10 thoughts on “163 The Cousins’ War

  1. Hello again,
    As I’m working my way thru THOE with great enjoyment but being far from up to date I apologise if this is old hat, but I feel as you’re moving towards the Tudors I must recommend this:
    ‘A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts’
    Link: http://www.audible.com/pd/History/A-History-of-England-from-the-Tudors-to-the-Stuarts-Audiobook/B00D97SK7Q/ref=a_search_c4_1_3_srTtl?qid=1445195628&sr=1-3
    It’s an absolutely superb series of lectures on (surprise) the Tudor and Stuart era of British history. If you find it expensive, be advised that it’s not uncommon to find it on sale at least twice a year.
    Also, I must add a Caveat to an earlier post of mine; being a modern (well.. reasonably modern, we all get older don’t we) Swede I of course judged the pronunciation of “Cnut” by modern Scandinavian practice. In fact my knowledge of ancient Scandinavian is Nil, Nada or as you would put it; Zip. So as far as I know they might have pronounced “Cnut” to ryhme with “Herbivore”…

  2. 145 episodes in 3 weeks.. So be with you in real time :). I’m really really enjoying the series, great pace, informative and mild humour. Any chance you could post a picture of the shed.

  3. As a podcast subscriber, when I download this episode (and 153 too coincidentally) all I seem to get is two gentlemen talking in Spanish(?) for over an hour. Is it just me or has David gone a bit left field on this one?
    This one plays on online as streaming OK though, so I’ll have to find time to listen at home. I normally listen on the move.

  4. I know this podcast is very old but I have to add my two cents. I think the reason people have such a difficult time with the names is because you talk too fast when introducing them. I’ve read numerous books about the subject. I’m familiar with the players in the war. I still had to go back and listen to the introduction of the people several times to understand who you were taking about.
    Hope the constructive criticism doesn’t leave you with the impression I don’t enjoy the podcast. It’s by far my favorite podcast.

    1. No indeed I am very keen on constructive comments. Your comment comes at episode 163 though which is a bit sad because I thought I had slowed up a bit – obviously not enough. This reply is written while I’m at episode 271…so there’s a while for you to have to put up with, but from 272 hopefully you’ll see an improvement! I have also tried to repeat names a lot more to get people familiar with them; the Wars of the Rose are a particularly tough time for names though.

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