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  1. Another great podcast David. Intriguing to hear that the field across the road from where I live was the site of an early skirmish (mere fisticuffs?) in the Wars of the Roses…er I mean Cousins War. “Heworth” however is pronounced “Hugh-worth”. Easy mistake to make – as I did when I first arrived here! Looking forward to episode 165.

    1. England-English is the least sense-making English!

      “Gloucester” is not “Gloster”

      “Leicester” is not “Lester”

      “Man U” is not “good”

      (I’m utterly ignorant about football, but I reckoned I could ruffle a few feathers with such a sentence)

      David, do you get notifications of new comments on old videos? I’m still going through the episodes and sometimes wonder if it’s worth making one if this page is going to never see the light of day.

      1. Hi Tim – and yes it’s daft. Try Towcester.

        Yes, I get an email on comments – all are welcome. make me know there’s someone out there using the site which is always heartening!
        Man U are indeed not Good. Nor, sadly, are Derby County!

        1. Ah!

          Well, I am enjoying this run-through, when I first found this podcast I did mostly jumping around here or there based on what topic and time period caught my fancy, but this time i’m doing it right, sequentially and whatnot.

          I will say this, you are mad as a hatter if you have LESS rather than MORE interest in the parts of the isle’s history where there were ROMANS THERE (and none of this namby-pamby late-byzantine-period dandies trying to look cool by sporting the fancy moustaches of the “barbarians” which the dandy reckons are both cool, and that he or she can “totally pull the look off”, with mixed results.

          REAL Romans. Ones that would hold strong and true to the best traditions of that mighty power which sprang from wee towns which found defensibility in the hills at that nice sweet spot on the Tiber.

          Those Romans, the ones who would not only get the reference when I say that Rome was basically founded on mass-scale kidnapping of an entire town full of women after having looked around at each other and decided that they would look even cooler wit some babes.

          (Note : Magic mushrooms have important medical benefits, even greatly enhancing the production of brain neurotrophic factor, which largely controls if you are forming new neurons en masse, but also are well know to lead to rants and ravings about an ever less related to the original point manner.

          Ill come back tomorrow maybe and see if that made any sense.

          1. oK so that last one might have been rather more… uh… colorful than I probably should have made it. Oh well.

          2. If it’s possible to do (which, with your very big brain, you probably hold the power to do), you can delete any, some, or all of comments I make that don’t fit with the vibe of the podcast.

            Especially ones which might be pretty… hard to interpret!

            So delete away, or don’t, it will probably not be the last time I go off on a tangent, but typically they will actually make sense (hopefully)

            Also, which are the most potent ways to spread awareness of the show? I think I got at least 2 members from my guild (in a video game) interested in the history of rome, the history of england, and the history of byzantium, but i’m not sure how they intend to sequence the episodes from each podcast

          3. Wwll, Tim, I can indeed delete the comments, or probably even amend them…but NO! I have a deep record for the historical record! They must remain for ever !

            Anyway look, as a podcaster in my shed, I just love the engagement. I get your point about the Roman – of course they are fascinating, and I have been bred like so many on the story of Rome. I have a bit of a blind spot domestically. Actually, I think it’s gone now; one day I’ll go back to it maybe, now that I have learned to love the social and economic side of history.

            I’d love to be a bad called the Evil Counsellors. Trouble is I can’t play nor sing. Will there be triangle? Or Tambourine?

  2. Ah! As I recorded it, I said to myself, I bet I’m getting this wrong, I should check with my mother. But just ploughed on. After all, you’ve got to cut the apron strings at some point! Thanks for letting me know, and hopefully there’s something to add to the conversation in the local!

  3. I’ve been waiting since I discovered this podcast in August to comment. As of this episode I am officially caught up and want to thank you for taking to make this podcast, it is one of my favorites. I look forward to the next episode.

  4. Yay! Thanks Amy in Texas! I out to issue a badge I suppose for those heros who have managed to listen to every single episode. I’ve actually forgotten when I started it’s so long ago…
    anyway, welcome, and hope THoE continues to please.

    1. Dear David
      I discovered your podcasts about 3-4 months ago. I listened to – somewhat predictably for a person rathe ignorant of history – all te Tudor episodes. How marvelous! I love your narrative. Then I decided to go back to the beginning..
      Am only up to 165, and didn’t want o wait till I’d totally caught up before reaching out to say’bravo’. I don’t gaden or iron whilst listening…I sit down properly to listen and enjoy. Thank you.

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