177 High Noon at Tewkesbury

Edward’s troubles were not over with the victory at Barnet. He still faced two more invasions – the Queen and Prince, and Fauconberg in the South East. It was the final showdown between Lancaster and York.

177 High Noon at Tewkesbury

1471 Campaign 2

2 thoughts on “177 High Noon at Tewkesbury

  1. Thanks for the mention of Hugh Courtenay.
    Hugh Courtenay of Boconnoc [there were many of that name], b 1421, 25 or 26, married Margaret Carminow, the daughter of the Sheriff of Cornwall, about 1444 at the family seat of Boconnoc, Cornwall.
    …re Tewkesbury:
    “More troops, under Sir Hugh Courtenay and Sir John Arundel, joined [the Queen’s army] at Exeter.”
    …(battle stuff)…
    … along with others he was courtmartialled and condemned after Tewkesbury.
    Two days after the battle, on the 6th of May 1471, Hugh was beheaded at Tewkesbury, then buried at Ashwater.
    Still, he left behind six little Courtenays for which, via my grandmother, I am grateful.

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