3 thoughts on “181 The 15th C Rural Economy

  1. This most informative episode on land usage and the impact of Enclosures reminds me of a firm favourite in my cherished collection of folk songs about pigs, “Petition of the Pigs in Kent”, which I heard from local folkie Andy Turner’s A Folk Song A Week:

    More info, as always, on Mainly Norfolk:

    The origin appears to be a 1809 poem in the Sporting Magazine, but the theme seemed very fitting and so the ambiguity (are the pigs a mockery or a metaphor of the struggle?).

    I seem to remember another episode featuring pigs but I can’t find it now; it would deserve its own pig song. There are also many sheep and lamb songs, although they tend to be light on the political commentary and more into frolicking young maids/shepherds.

  2. A brilliant episode, one of the best non-political history podcast episodes I’ve ever heard. And trust me, I’ve binge listened to more podcasts than I ought to admit to. Bravo! Please continue bringing social and economic history to life. You are good at what you do.

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