196 England at the Dawn of the Tudor Age

Tudor EnglandEngland in 1485 was at once a deeply traditional medieval society – and yet poised at the edge of change – economic, social, religious and political






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And for some reason, and few ramblings from me.





2 thoughts on “196 England at the Dawn of the Tudor Age

  1. Nice to see your face for once!

    I have aphantasia (no “minds eye”, cannot “picture” things in my head, when my eyes are closed it’s just black, no ability to imagine things visually) and it’s always interesting to see what people i’ve only known the voice of look like!

    I have to say though, you said “planets too have their hierarchy, with FUNGI at the bottom@! Fungi are not plants! I will restrain myself from a rant about how radically different fungi are from plants (and from animals) and leave with a cool random fact : Way back during the development and evolution of life on Earth, there was a time where fungi were by far the largest organisms around, with some of them growing very high indeed! Worth a google!

    1. Hi Tim and it’s lovely to hear from you. Interestingly I am pretty sure my appalling grasp of some of the fundamentals of science have previously been commented on – this one in particular! I am sorry for it. I desperately harbour a desire to do a series on the history of science, because it’s fascinating but also because I would learn; but I fear the fall out of my ignorance! Anyway, I apologise to Funghi – the subject did fascinte me at school, and I now carefully gather pictures and catalgue the various exotic types in my area as I walk…

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