197 The Story of Henry VII

henry-vii-torrignano-1508-9When he won the throne of England, Henry had spent most of his life under guard, and was an adventurer. His efforts were therefore bent towards establishing the legitimacy of his reign – and his dynasty. Enter the ‘Tudor Myth’.

Then we look at how historians have treated the lad. By and large, there was a reasonably homogenous picture for many centuries – with eh odd twiddle here and there; but recently, his reputation has been challenged.

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2 thoughts on “197 The Story of Henry VII

  1. David, this is what I understood from the podcast to be your list of historians who have written books about Henry VII.

    I can’t figure out who are GR Alson, JP Cooper, or GE Elton or Alton, and neither can Google and Amazon. Can you please clarify. Thanks!

    Christine Carpenter
    Teh Winter King Thomas Penn.
    William Bush.
    G.E. Elton Alton
    Peggy McFarland
    GR Alson.
    JP Cooper
    Christine Carpenter Wars of the Roses

    The Winter King
    Crimes 1972, 1999 traditional approach.
    Christine Carpenter 1997.

    1. Hello Dora, and I am sorry, I really should produce a book list. I keep meaning to, and never quite getting round to it. Here are a few of those books.

      G R Elton wrote the book they all still talk about, The Tudor Revolution in Government, among other things. He’s Henry VIII really. Cromwell fan.
      Christine Carpenter is Wars of the Roses
      Francis Bacon was James I’s minister and a historian and polymath. Wrote a biography of Henry VII
      Thomas Penn, The Winter King. Good popular history, tries to make Henry VII as twisted as he can
      K B McFarlane, historian much loved by historians, Henry V was his sweet spot I think
      S B Chrimes, the definitive HVII biographer really.. Worthy. But dull.

      I will try to produce a booklist!

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