206 Descent to the Underworld

richard-de-la-poleHenry had found two hatchet men to replace Reginald Bray – Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley.¬†They spread their tentacles and contacts through London and England, and used the Council Learned to drive their master’s policy to extort every possible fee ‘to the king’s advantage’. And did pretty well for themselves too.

Edmund de la Pole, ex Earl of Suffolk, was finally delivered to Henry, and incarcerated in the Tower – along with his brother William. Edmund would not long survive Henry VIII’s accession – poor William would spend his life in the Tower, to die in 1539. Meanwhile the White Rose, Richard, Edmund’s younger brother at least had a life of some adventure before dying at the battle of Pavia in 1525.

Read the History of England article to find out more about Empson and Dudley.






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