212 Pleasure and Liberty

Renaissance dancersHenry VIII was released by this accession to the courtly, chivalric life of the hunt, and masque, and tournaments. In this he was encouraged by by Council – while his father’s ‘peace party’ got  on with the business of ruling.






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7 thoughts on “212 Pleasure and Liberty

  1. Hi David! I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while and am up to Henry VI (episode 156-ish) and really enjoying it. Just signed up as a member. As an American, the British slang and Monty Python references are at least 30% of my reason for listening, but in general I enjoy your relaxed, more informal narration while still providing a quality historical podcast. Please keep it up!
    As an aside, you did a survey a while back about how members listen to your podcasts. Just so you know, I listen while working out or running. I actually got through 3-4 episodes recently while completing a marathon… So thanks for helping me get through that!

    1. A marathon…seriously don’t know how you do that, I get tried driving 26 miles. And Welcome to the members !

  2. For the record, I cook while I listen. I don’t iron. At this moment, there’s a chicken roasting in the oven and scotch in my glass. Oh and I did thumb my nose at someone today. True that.

    1. Ha! Excellent, well thumbed! Quietly and subtly so they didn’t see, hopefully. Though it’d be interesting to see if anyone recognised it as an insult anymore.

  3. I find some know it; some don’t. Few know about the insult that is the biting of the thumb.

  4. Hi David,

    You just mentioned the magic words:

    Thomas Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell.

    They sent me scurrying for my copy of Wolf Hall. I only have three hundred pages to go, so do you mind being a good fellow and taking a few diversions before you get to Cromwell? I know this is something you do quite easily, so it shouldn’t be too painful for you.

    Oh, and I also have a copy of Bringing Up The Bodies, and that is a good… let me check… 482 pages, so could you please plan a couple more diversions while you’re at it?

    Ever so decent of you.


    1. Hi Stephen…you are safe! It’ll take at least a few weeks to get to the Cromwell version of Thomas. You’ll be fine! Let me know how you get on with Wolf Hall; I loved the history, but was too stupid to deal with the 3rd person thing.

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