218a Witchcraft in Tudor England by Sam Hume

The 16th and 17th centuries saw a surge in worry about witchcraft through most of Europe. Sam gives us a survey of how fear of witchcraft affected England.

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Sam also has an entire podcast devoted to the subject – and I heartily recommend it to you. You can find it on iTunes, or go to thee website The History of Witchcraft.

2 thoughts on “218a Witchcraft in Tudor England by Sam Hume

  1. Absolutely loved this guest-cast. Especially the attmepts at accents. Well chosen, David, and well done, Sam

  2. I agree with Debbie that this was a very well presented guest episode. Coincidentally, I have recently added Sam Hume’s current podcast, Pax Brittanica, to my regular list of podcasts. Although I have only listened to 10 of the currently available 44 episodes, the ones I ahve listed to are truly excellent. I highly recommend Pax Brittanica.

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