220 Disguisings

It is in the reign of Henry VIII that we first hear of the ‘masque’ – entertainment that drew from Mummers, Mystery plays, and ‘disguisings’. We talk about Anne and Mary Boleyn’s education – and Shakespeare and the word ‘bump’


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If you’d like to find out more about the masque, there’s a brief history here: http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/cegenre.htm.; Also, there are a coupl;e of Youi Tube clips you might like to see.

This second on is the music…since the Historic Royal Palaces could obviously only afford one pipe!





3 thoughts on “220 Disguisings

  1. OMG The dance is so infantile-y boring. However, it would have given plenty of opportunity for chat and what have you, which must have been more important than having a good old time dancing. 🙂

    1. Yes – plenty of time for a good chinwag between moves! I have to say, I think it all looks rather nice…

  2. 4:47 AM commenting about boring Tudor-period dancing?

    Please David, tell me this is just a time-zone difference between you and I

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