220a An Oasis Discovered

Here’s my story of the church  St Bartholomew the Grand and its founder. There are pictures and the text at St Bartholomew the Great

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8 thoughts on “220a An Oasis Discovered

  1. All right, you got me: signed up for my annual membership! Thanks for the info on this church! My family is traveling to England in the fall and I needed another place to drag my 10 year old son 🙂 Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks, and welcome! I’m sure your son will love the dragging. “Another church! Great, thanks Mum!”. I hope you have a great visit, and thanks for joining.

  2. Hey David, I must become a member after this episode and I’m excited to begin my journey through Scottish history. This podcast brought me back to the first time I read, The Pillars of the Earth. Thank you for all that you do and continue to bring history to a world where it is needed most.
    PS- You have a Yorkist friend in the States.

    1. Hi Joshua, and it’s good to know I have a Yorkist brother out there! Even though was in the end forced to tear a strip off Richard (sigh). And thank you for becoming a member. I’m in the middle of finishing off writing about Anne Boleyn at the moment, and then can get back to the MacAilpin kings….

  3. I did enjoy this and look forward to more similar items. I know the church well as I spent over 30 years working in various locations in the City, all within a reasonable spitting distance of Bart.

    1. Hi there, and thanks. I have a few in the pipeline – particularly want to do something on St Magnus, hopefully before too long.

  4. When i first traveled to the UK with my parents, they threatened to take me to all the cathedrals in Europe- i said fine, but only if i get to visit 1 castle for every church =) pretty good deal i reckon. This episode reminds me of walking into Durham cathedral the first time (the beginning of a long love affair with religious architecture).

    1. Yes, I also remember the first time I went into Durham, visiting a friend at the university. And knowing immediately that this was the one I would prefer over all the other glories of church architecture. As it has remained yet! Still plenty to see though…

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