221 The Finest Buck

Buckingham 1521Henry had shown a hint of the man he would become in 1510 by the execution of Empson and Dudley. In 1521, the Duke of Buckingham was in his sights, as Europe’s Universal Peace sank beneath the waves.

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3 thoughts on “221 The Finest Buck

  1. Thank you for the explanation of Buckingham. I am guilty of watching The Tudors and wondered what the backstory was behind this. What is maddening about the show is that there is a lot of historical accuracy (such as Bucks death), but then it is overall mucked up with a lot of silly inaccuracies! Could have been great if they would have stuck to the truth (and had a ginger Harry!)

    1. Pleasure, ma’am. I did try to watch the Tudors. But I literally could not watch the bloke who played Henry. Just couldn’t do it. Tried so hard it hurt, but just couldn’t. Don’t know what it was.

      1. Me neither, not Henry at all and for the “new to English history” Australian, completely misleading. Sad

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