222a The Tower of London by James Holdstock

James Holdstock is a big fan of The Tower of London; he talks about a fortress which has a history as winding, bloody, mysterious and inspiring as England’s, and is a must for any visitor to the capital.

Incidentally, you can also find the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher ; or use the RSS url to download to your device. The world is your lobster, in that respect anyway.


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The Great Tower

The Tower of LondonWhat was it for?
What happened there?
Who lived there against their will?
What bloody family were responsible for 60% of executions?
Did the Duke of Clarence have a drinking problem?
Who was Martin and why was he so grizzly?
Can you count on your fingers, the cost of minting money?
How did Wellington keep his feet dry?
And finally, the secret of getting in for free!

To Murder a King

James HolstockJames has a passion for medieval history and trying to get kids involved. As well as dressing up in chainmail and wielding huge axes, he has writtenTo Murder a King a historical fiction book for young adults. It’s a murder mystery set at the Tower of London in 1199. If you know any kids that you’d like to share your love of history with, then buy them this book (or if you want to buy from the US, then…go here instead!)
Better still, from time to time James will run book giveaways so ‘Like’ his author Facebook page and you and your kid, grandkid or great grandkid will be kept informed!
Also he has prepared a version of The History of the Tower, written for young people. You can find it on his blog.

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