225a Reformation by Otto and Luke

Luke and OttoOtto and Luke follow up the episode 224 with their own perspective on the Reformation. It’s a father and son bonding session, ‘hey son let’s have a great time and shoot the breeze together…about the Reformation…’ you know, the normal way you get the conversation flowing with the youth of today.





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15 thoughts on “225a Reformation by Otto and Luke

  1. My father called that sort of thing ‘character building’. Luke is very gentle. An Australian version would involve a cross cut saw and learning how to avoid red back spiders. Be very grateful that you don’t have to worry about anything more scary than a Scottish midge!

  2. An interesting experiment for Luke and Otto, and I’m sure they’ll listen again with great fondness/amusement in future years. I’m looking forward to the next regular podcast in your mellifluous tones though.

  3. We have mosquitoes the size of starlings that transmit horrible degenerative diseases. They might be reasonably equated with midges. Everything else here will actively try to kill you at every opportunity. Even something as cute as a Koala sounds like the devil at night and will rip your face off if you ask it for the time of day.

  4. Sharks, crocodiles, spiders, snakes, magies, a variety of lethal marine invertebrates… Perhaps a holiday in Carlisle on a Saturday night might be a safer option.

  5. Hello!
    Podcast fan from Chile, but I am catalonian by birth. Taking into consideration the week we’re having, Otto’s question at 15:15 was beautiful. Weird this being my first comment on this site. Despite that, I love the podcast and I’m enjoying it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Cristian, and lovely to hear from you. I was in Barcelona a couple of years ago with the family (before all the signs about tourists started I think!), and loved learning more about Catalonian history. The referendum and debate on independence has a lot of resonance with us here of course, given the never ending debate about Scottish independence. And I am delighted you like the podcast! All the way from Chile too! Thank you for listening, and glad you are enjoying it.

    2. Hola Cristian,
      Soy Luke, el padre de Otto e hispanofilo. Me alegro que te haya gustado nuestro podcast. Sobre la cuestión de la independencia, creo que es legitimo que haya un voto pero espero que Catalonia no deja a España. Creo que en estos tiempos estamos mejor en grupos, por eso soy Británico y no quiero que Escocia deja Gran Bretaña aunque mi padre era Escocés y soy Europeo y no quiero que dejamos a Europa!!
      Sorry David – just showing off!!

  6. Wow! What a treat. It provided a great time for me to bond today with my 3 boys (9, 7, and 5). Thanks so much for letting these guys on your show. Definitely would not object if you let them on again. Meanwhile, my boys will anxiously await their “James Bond” episode.

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