230 The Execution of Anne Boleyn

Anne-Boleyns-execution-by-Jan-Luyken-c.1664-1712On May Day 1536 at Greenwich, Anne and Henry could put their worries aside. Everything was well with the world as they watched the joust. Then Henry left suddenly and was seen arguing with Henry Norris. Find out what happened next.

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2 thoughts on “230 The Execution of Anne Boleyn

  1. Has there ever been speculation that Henry’s jousting accident, which left him unconscious, might have affected his judgement in the following months? I’ve known people whose brain injuries severely affected their personality and self control.

    1. Yes, there’s lots of debate about that. And clearly it affects his health. I must discuss it when this is all done; there’s a real watershed in his reign after Anne I think, with multiple factors – including his health.

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