Scandal of Christendom results and prizes

The Scandal of Christendom is all over! Find out who won what on the podcast, or read on. But thank you to all of you for taking part.      I had a lovely time, it was great seeing all the comments and getting so much feedback.

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The Result

It was a gimme I have to say. If I am going to do this again I am going to have to think of Scandalmore contentious questions. 86% of you went for A; the overwhelming consensus is that we are not bigging Anne Boleyn up, this is someone who consciously and actively made a real difference to the course of English history, and not simply due to her existence.

It was the same for the members debate as it happens; Members had an additional question and prize about who killed Anne – was it Henry, was she the victim of Cromwell and factional in fighting, or was she in fact guilty of sleeping around. 81% reckoned it was Henry – he just got tired of her and told Cromwell to get rid of her. Doesn’t say much for the world’s opinion of Henry I have to say.  Only 10% though it was Crommers, and 4% that she was guilty.

The Prize Winners

We have 4 prizes…and I have devised a suitably complicated way of distributing them.

  • The first placed person will have first pick from all 4
  • The second will pick from the remaining 3 prizes
  • Third place will pick from the remaining two
  • The fourth will have the remaining fabulous prize.

First placed person is: Mag Cottee

Second placed person is:  Chris Sandys

Third placed person is: Jan Scott

Fourth placed person: Pierre Michel Busque

Please get in touch with me at as soon as you can with your choice! Especially you Mag since all the other follow you…

The prizes (just to remind you)

We have 4 prizes. I know. Amazing. I’ll do some complicated thing where the first out of the hat gets to chose, the second to chose from the remaining 3 and so on. To find out more about he prizes, go to the Prizes page.

A Henry VIII silver Half Groat from Halls Hammered Coins

Henry VIII Half Groat

Claire Ridgway: her book ‘The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown’ or her online course ‘The Life of Anne Boleyn’

Natalie Grueninger,  her book “In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn”, co-authored with Sarah Morris

Fall of Anne BoleynIn the Footsteps










Lucy Churchill’s ‘The Moost Happi’ portrait medallion

Anne Boleyn MedallionIn 1534, Anne was pregnant. In the excited certainty of a male heir, a medallion was designed in celebration; sadly, Anne miscarried and the project was abandoned. Then along came a stone carver, Lucy Churchill, who painstakingly reconstructed the image. This prize is therefore a copy of that original medallion, the most authentic likeness we have. Don’t take my word for it:

  • ‘Lucy Churchill’s reconstruction of The Moost Happi portrait medal is the best image we are ever likely to have of Anne Boleyn.’ (Professor David Starkey)
  • ‘Lucy Churchill’s brilliant achievement has brought us as close to the real Anne Boleyn  as we shall ever be able to get.’ (Professor Eric Ives)
  • ‘Through meticulous research Lucy Churchill has created an authentic replica of the medal of Anne Boleyn, as it would have looked originally.  A must for anyone interested in Anne Boleyn!’ (Alison Weir)

The story of how Lucy researched and reconstructed the medallion, and the other exquisite carvings she has done, as as interesting as the medallion itself. Go and have a look at Lucy Churchill’s website

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