239 Henry VIII and his Realm

Reivers_raid_on_Gilnockie_TowerHenry wanted a different relationship with his nobility – a service, court based nobility. Royal power meanwhile must be extended and enhanced. Today we look at Tudor lordship and royal power in the north of England.



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2 thoughts on “239 Henry VIII and his Realm

  1. I have just finished listening to this (whilst walking the dogs on Shap Hill on a glorious hot day, if you are still interested in this kind of detail). Regarding the gentry, my father had a dictum that might amuse you: ‘a gentleman is never rude – except on purpose.’

    1. Ah you are so lucky, how fantastic. Henry and I walked Shap hill (I think on the C2C walk a coupe of years ago – would that be right?) What flavour of hounds? And yes, it sound s like a reasonable definition!

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