239a Robin Hood by Glen Longwell

I always wanted to look at the legends of Robin Hood and try to sort fact from fiction – and never got round to it. But Luckily here is Glen of the Glen and Dean show, just just that very thing for the history of England!

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Glen mentioned his book; you can buy it from Amazon if you like – by following this link to ‘Dead Letters‘.


3 thoughts on “239a Robin Hood by Glen Longwell

  1. It was interesting you mentioned Anthony Monday. He was a contemporary of “Shakespeare” and a known friend of Edward De Vere.

    Great presentation. Thanks

  2. Listening in from the future as I am, I’m guilty of often skipping over guest episodes. I stopped to appreciate this one though – thank you, Glen. But Shakespeare was done dirty here.
    “Some go so far as to liken it to the quality of Richard II or other of Shakespeare’s later work, which, if you were not aware, is generally not held in high esteem”
    Richard II – 5 yrs before Hamlet. And not, as far as I am aware, generally considered the worst of Shakespeare. 15 years before the Tempest, which is late Shakespeare and… is pretty damn esteemed. Like most of Shakespeare. To say some plays no one remembers could be said to be ‘as bad’ as the Tempest…we know there’s no love lost between The History of England Podcast and ye olde baldy bard, but, come on, this is fake news

    1. Right – I am hoping this was Glen’s error or was it me? Let me be clear – it os only from the age of 55 that I have acquired th elevel of maturity required to appreciate Shakespeare; until then he has simplybeen a source of torment, so you can disreagrd anythin I have said or left unsaid. I did see Ben Wishaw as Richard II and he was brilliant, I have to say.

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