240 Henry VIII in Ireland and Wales

The 1530’s saw radical changes in both Ireland and Wales, following Cromwell’s same policy as applied to the northern borders. The outcomes though, were to be very different.

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I also unwisely mentioned Phil Bennett’s 1977 speech. To appreciate just a small part of Phil Bennet’s magic, here’s a link to that famous 1977 try in which he played a part – you get the Bennett side-step at about 40 seconds in…

and then his explanation of his 1977 speech.


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  1. I’m not sure that England and Wales worrying each other about who is better at rugby is relevant given that there is an irresistible force called the all blacks. And if they don’t get you, the Proteas will.

    1. I mean yes, Tony, I take your point but look, just look at those side steps! Plus you might want to notice that JPR almost loses his head twice.

    1. Tim, I was avoiding any comment about the current state of SA rugby. I see you are less sensitive…yup I think the Proteas are cricket?

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