241 The Illness of King Henry

Henry’s attitude to illness, and possible medical explanations for his character  and events of his realm. And a negotiation starts for a new wife.

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A royal marriage proposal: Amelia and Anne of Cleves

Amelia of Cleves HolbeinJohn III, Duke of Cleves, had 4 children.  His eldest, Sybilla was born in 1512 and married in 1527 to the Anne of ClevesElector of Saxony. Anne was born in 1515, then William born in 1516 and finally Amelia born in 1517. Discussions about a possible marriage started with Duke John, and then went quiet for a while until the French and Hapsburgs arranged a temporary peace and were no longer interested in English marriage proposals. John died in 1539, and it was his son William who would make the decision then about where and how his sisters married.

Holbein arrived therefore to paint both of the unmarried Cleves ladies in 1540; as well as having painted Christina of Denmark and other potential marriage partners. Henry himself seems to have chosen Anne, even before he saw her portrait, on the basis that as the older of the two she would be more appropriate given his own age. Amelia never married, and died in 1586.




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  1. Just a note on the endocrine side— cushings can lead to type 2 diabetes so all could be unified there. i vote that we dig him up and see if he has adrenal glands the size of cricket balls.

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