Roman Bath Museum Day to Day

The second episode in our series looks at how the Roman Baths operated day to day, the infrastructure and technology, how they were managed, what went on when visitors entered the precinct.

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Summer Torchlit evenings 

The summer torchlist evenings sound amazing. The Roman Baths are open late from 16 June to end August until 10pm (last entry 9pm). This historic site takes on a magical atmosphere once the daylight fades, the crowds disappear and the flickering torches are lit. Plus, ticket prices are reduced for evening visitors. You can find out more on the Roman Baths Museum website


The map gives you an idea of the layout and extent of the precinct.



The Gravestone in the shape of an Altar

BATRM_1986_5_1 copyThis is the gravestone of Gaius Calpurnius Preceptus, sacerdos deae Sulis – the priest of the Goddess.

The inscription reads:


To the spirits of the departed; Gaius Calpurnius Receptus, priest of the goddess Sulis, lived 75 years; Calpurnia Trifosa, his freedwoman (and) wife, had this set up.

Hypocaust and the Spring

Spring and Hypocaust





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