Introducing History in Technicolour

History in Technicolour 14x14Announcing a new podcast from Wolf O’Neil and me, David Crowther. This is a superbrief explanation and a few tiny snippets which will hopefully give you a feel for it all, and persuade you to go and download the first episode, available now, on Zodiac.

You can download the podcast form any good podcatcher and iTunes – or indeed from this website.

Then lets us know what you think – come across to the History of England Facebook Group, and you can rate the film yourself and discuss it with the like minded.


Download Podcast - Introducing History in Technicolour (Right Click and select Save Link As)

The idea is that one of us comes along to the shed and proposes a film  – why did we choose it, what it is and why it’s great. We talk about it as a film, and then as history – how accurate is it. And then of course we rate it  on those two dimensions. There will be a 2×2 ! Just call us the management consultants of podcasting. We will do an episode each fortnight.

We have done a few episodes in advance to get us started; here’s the schedule:

15th July Zodiac
29th July Master and Commander
12th August Amadeus
26th August A Man for all Seasons


8 thoughts on “Introducing History in Technicolour

    1. Actually, I’m beginning to realise that it’s quite difficult to find films you CAN’T classify as historical!

    1. Hi David – it’s free podcast, so use your existing podcatcher or iTunes, or download it from the website here; you’ll see it under the podcast menu on the home page. Hope you give it a go!
      (and yes, thanks for pointing out I should give instructions – which are now added)

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