256 The Boy King

Edward VIPoor Edward’s reign tends to be ignored, sandwiched as it is. This week we pay it proper respect – what has history had to say of the lad, what were the controversies of his reign and the players that trod its boards?





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6 thoughts on “256 The Boy King

  1. Latter half of the 16th century, here we come! I’m curious to see how Seymour/Somerset is going to fubar his situation. Up until now he seemed to be a reasonably successful political player.

  2. I love listening to your podcasts to and from work David. Thankyou. You mention in your intro that in the midst of prawn and mayo being eaten in pubs Edward tends not to get a mention. I feel like this may have happened in this podcast too and prawns may have gotten more of a mention than poor old (or young) Ed!

  3. I enjoyed it, but it seemed more filled with information on with Somerset , Northumberland and the various historians interpretations, than with the lad … But, maybe there’s just not that much to say, if his own diary was boring.. although I remember thinking the brevity of his diary entry on his uncle Somerset’s execution had me wondering a bit about what was going on with him …

    1. Yes as above I think others felt that; there is a basic problem of his youth. But hopefully Edward will emerge over the next few episodes; in the end it will be critical.

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