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BraveheartI, David Crowther, have managed to get to 54 without seeing Braveheart ended to end. I thought I cannot do this podcast without watching it. Find out if that proved a good or bad thing, and then come and discuss your perspective on Braveheart.

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The sketch in the lift

We referred to a comedy sketch by a couple of Scots about a voice activated lift – Robin posted this on Facebook. I thought it was jolly funny! See if you can spot the Braveheart reference…


Scores on the Doors

Well, everyone loved it of course, went absolutely potty for it. Pah. Humbug. Critics and audiences alike it was a phenomenon. Though actually the scores these days don’t quite reflect that…


Score comparison


Wolf and David scores – and the Facebook Poll

Brilliant debate – for some of you the value of the film was in the anti war polemic and the accurate portrayal of the end point of it all – the Charge itself. Some disagreement about eh Cartoons it must be said. I loved them – but not really embedded in a film like this, where they were rather incongruous. An interesting film for debate maybe, rather than an inspiration.

Charge Feedback



10 thoughts on “HiT Braveheart

  1. Love the podcast! Braveheart was my favorite movie for many years, and may still be, mostly because I originally watched it before I knew how woefully inaccurate it was. I legitimately thought in my late teens that maybe Wallace had fathered Edward III, you know, until a week later I read a book. As a lover of history I just dont understand why filmmakers make pointless errors for no story reasons. The new TV series, Knightfall, does the same thing throwing Pope Bonafice in the timeline 3 years after his death. Change the year or change the Pope, it’s just that simple. That said, I am an American with Scottish ancestry, and my affinity for Braveheart really made me research Scottish history and connect to the past in a way that has stayed with me 20 years on. At the risk of making this comment as long as that movie, I wanted to mention that I am a huge fan of the History of England podcast and will be branching out the your others as well once I am fully caught up. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Kevin. And yes, whatever I might mutter angrily into my beard, Braveheart certainly did plenty for Scottish tourism!

  2. Braveheart is one of my all time favourite movies as well. I saw it as a young lad when it came out and I was so interested in how wrong it was that I went to the local library (this was before widespread internet!) and read books about English history and from that point on I realised my love of English History and here I am now!

    Thanks again Gents!

  3. I have listened to this a few times over the years. I have always meant to ask if you have ever studied or looked into the “Prima Noctae” part of the story in which the English Nobleman gets first carnal rights to a newlywed Scottish bride. Seems to be fiction from everything I have read about “Droit de Cuissage” and not just as it relates to England and Scotland it doesn’t seem like this practice was ever enforced in any real capacity throughout history.

  4. David – Thanks so much for always responding to comments (at least to all of mine). What is the best forum to ask you questions about certain podcasts, episodes and specific English history events? I’ve been re-listening to the History of England podcasts in conjunction with reading some of my books on the subject and would just love to ask you about certain things that pop up! Cheers


  5. Who would win in a fight:
    Mel Gibson’s William Wallace v. Russell Crowe’s Maximus.
    Period weapons of choice.

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