HiT The Madness of King George

Alan Bennett’s play and film is a triumph on so many levels – it’s sensitivity towards mental health, the rehabilitation of the character of a king from unfair historical judgement, it’s very funny, with great music. Or is that just me? And is it accurate?

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Scores on the Doors

The Critics REALLY LOVED IT, and audiences enjoyed it too. Alex von Tunzelmann wrote:

“A triumph. Shockingly, Nigel Hawthorne lost the Oscar to Tom Hanks for Forrest Gump. Since that makes even less sense than mistaking an oak tree for the King of Prussia, perhaps it was a final act of revenge by what the film calls those “ramshackle colonists in America” on their last and unlamented king.”

Madness Scores

Geronimo – what you thought and HiT Verdict

Not the most popular film we’ve reviewed, selflessly, on your behalf. Well done us. Quite a lot of you don’t like Westerns…


Geronimo verdict


2 thoughts on “HiT The Madness of King George

    1. Thanks David. I enjoyed the clip – I’ve not seen the series. This does a lovely job of emphasising the protocol doesn’t it? Not sure I was that convinced by the GIII (that’s Tom Hollander acting isn’t it?) but maybe because I have Nigel Hawthorne forever in my mind. The atmosphere they build up is rather good though!

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