HiT A Bridge Too Far

Once you’ve watched A Bridge too Far, you realise that you have just been playing with history movies. This film sets out its stall to tell you everything you ever wanted to know, and a few things you didn’t, about Operation Market Garden. Was it also a good film?

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Scores on the Doors

Audiences loved it – slightly oddly, critics don’t seem to have been quite so keen – largely I suspect because this is THE ORIGINAL history Nerd movie, and so maybe felt it din’t work quite so well as entertainment.

ABFT Scores


Wolf and David scores – and the Facebook Poll on The Madness of King George

The debate was, well, life affirming really. We all loved this movie – well 82% of us anyway, which for anyone trained in marketing is basically ‘all’. You thought it was funny, well written, brilliantly acted, and written by a man who knows his history. So…yup. what else is there to say? No point putting the Bute into this one.

Madness Verdict


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