261a Professor MacCulloch talks Cromwell

Diarmaid MacCulloch brings wonderful scholarship, wit and humanity with a delightfully fresh biography of Thomas Cromwell, shot through with new insights. And I got to meet him! Here is what we talked about.

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Elizabeth Seymour

Eliabeth SeymourProfessor MacCulloch spoke of his son Gregory Cromwell and his wife, Elizabeth Seymour, Here is Elizabeth, and she has a good wikipedia entry.








Diarmaid also kindly made some recommendations. Here are the books he spoke of:

Ian Kershaw ‘Hitler’

Tony Judt ‘Postwar’

And here the churches:

St Mary’s Houghton on the Hill

St Mary’s Wetherden


11 thoughts on “261a Professor MacCulloch talks Cromwell

  1. Does this mean he basically agrees with those of us who blamed Cromwell for Anne Boleyn’s death? I feel slightly as if the teacher has just agreed with the thesis of my essay.

  2. I really enjoyed the interview. It was interesting to hear you both discuss Cromwell and banter about the events in his life. I listened then bought the book, it will be here next week so looking forward to reading it. Thanks as always for all you do.

  3. wow, yes I got it yesterday and really looking forward to reading it. almost 600 pages, maps!!!!! it looks like a detailed book. my christmas present to myself…

    1. A worthy present. Yes, it’s something of a whopper – though you can take off quite a lot for notes and index. I hope you enjoy it. I shall feel guilty if you do not!

  4. I just had lunch with a friend of mine who used to teach history. She told me of going to listen to diarmid maculloch being interviewed by Mary beard. On my return home guess which podcast started playing in my car? Yup, life is full of coincidences. Anyway, I seem to have converted a new audience for you. Still loving what you do – even the jazzy versions help keep it fresh and live. Nearly caught up again for the second time around. Still I have been keeping the HOS as a back stop to prevent sudden withdrawal symptoms!

    1. I have to say that Diarmaid is the ultimate professional, a publisher’s dream – he clearly does every possible interview. And as I started talking to him you could see him slipping into interview mode. Very good. Glad you mentioned the jazzy versions, although they were not popular! Important to mix it up every so often though isn’t it, change the voice?

  5. So I binge my podcasts I listen to . That said just now getting to this one . I really , really enjoyed this one . I must find this book now . My favorite non monarch ppl English history are Cromwell and William the Marshall . Different but similar in their loyalty to the crown .

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