HiT The Last Emperor

The story of PuYi the Last Emperor of China is the MOST sumptuous of films, beautifully shot, it’s an extraordinary story, and the history it passes through is fascinating. Was it all worth it? Do you root for the characters? As an authorised film – did it pull its punches?

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Scores on the Doors

Critics were generally blown away by the way the film looked and the weird and wonderful world of the Forbidden City.


The Last Emperor


The Verdict – A Bridge Too Far

I was worried that we’d get a lot of people who just hated war films – and yes, that is an element! But generally, although ABTF hit the nerd button, it was pretty popular  – sort of mid range.

ABTF Verdict






5 thoughts on “HiT The Last Emperor

  1. I’ve just starting listening to this new project of yours and really enjoy it.

    Off topic, I’d be interested to hear your viewpoints from a British perspective regarding the film “Glory”. The movie is about the famous 54th Regiment of Massachusetts, one of the first African-American military units in the American Civil War. The movie received pretty good reviews and won three Oscars, including one for Denzel Washington, but it also was a bit overblown at times and was criticized for concentrating too heavily on the white characters. Given how important the American Civil War still is to us here in the US, it is interesting how few movies have been made about the conflict. I’d recommend you check this one out

    1. Hi Randall, and thanks. Yes Glory is definitely on the list; we’ve been recommended to do Gettysburg as well, so a bit of reading up about the US Civil Wart would pay dividends!

  2. The full Gettysburg movie (4 hours 31 minutes) can be a bit of a snoozer unless you are really into the minutiae of military tactics for that particular battle. Or if you really like to see a lot of big fake beards.
    The classic one-volume book about the American Civil War is James McPherson’s “Battle Cry of Freedom”. It was written thirty years ago but is still the best (though it covers a lot more than what is seen in “Glory”).
    Are there any recent movies, or any movies at all about the English Civil War?

    1. I am warned! for the English Civil War there is a rather dated one called Cromwell, there’s a rather poor one called to Kill a King which I couldn’t recommend. A quite good one was the TV series The Devil’s Whore (rather less racy than it sounds!) which is not very historically accurate but I thing communicates a flavour of the period;l and Dominic West does a rather creditable Cromwell. But to be honest, it’s not well served.

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