Gold, Praise and Glory

Same Hume introduces English trade and exploration in the Tudor era  – the trade companies that spring up after 1550 and the discovery ventures that follow. With a bit of piracy/privateering thrown in for good measure.

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Sam is the author of the History of Witchcraft podcast, has also started a new podcast called Pax Britannica, which you can find at a podcatcher near you.

5 thoughts on “Gold, Praise and Glory

  1. Interestingly enough, a more accurate translation of Ivan the III would be the awesome
    Not the terrible, needless to say he earned that for removing the last of the mongols from Russia, it wasn’t until after that English expedition (where the miss translation comes from) that his son died and he became mad, which is how the name stuck.

    1. Yes, he is really good – he’s done a couple of guest appearances here. However, he is also doing the stuff I am coming to, so maybe I should be diss’ing him in the name of competition?!

  2. …that’s occurred to me, too. Perhaps you should leap-frog Sam and start on the Glorious Revolution, then he’ll be in your rearview mirror. (There’s a personal ulterior motive for me saying this: between the end of Oliver Cromwell and the French and Indian War is a period of English History of which I know next to nothing.)

    Actually, the two of you have such distinct styles, that they both complement each other very nicely. And you both have the habit of shortening words that do not need to be shortened (“mention” turns into “mench,” which sounds Yiddish but isn’t). But I do not think that Sam has as yet attempted a Winston Churchill voice. Yours is priceless!

    1. I don’t think I can avoid Sam, but I must confess it is a bit of a problem; it would be easier if he was rubbish, but he isn’t. I don’t think I could leap ahead though – he’d catch me up ‘cos he’s faster than me. There’s nothing I can do…it’s a free world!

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